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All of the Wild Bill scenarios are zipped so you will need Stuffit Expander (a recent version) or Winzip if you are on Windows.

You can submit scenarios you've made also. Just send them here. If you submit a scenario please include a 1 sentence description.


Scenario Name
Benny Manieri
The Fox-Red sector!
Benny Manieri
Orne River
British take a bridge on the night of D-Day!
Dan Brown
No Better Place to Die
Conversion of ASL16. US Paratroopers defending near Ste. Mere-Eglise.
Dan Brown
Road to Marseille
Conversion of ASL PP1. Part of the French campaign to liberate Toulon.
Douglas 'TeAcH' Teachworth
Schijndel Road
CC2 Schijndel Road scenario. My favorite!
Colin Richardson
Look to the Skies
American Airborne units attack an Fj FlaK battery.
Wild Bill
Lt. Hanley's platoon has been ordered to take a hill in France. This scenario is taken from the two-part episode of the TV series Combat, "Hills are for Heroes."
Wild Bill
British commandos raid a German radar station on the coast of France in 1942. Can they do the job?
Wild Bill
Elsdorf (Revised from CD)
Pershings and Tigers meet on the snows of Germany in a real clash of steel titans in early 1945.
Wild Bill
Keep Nimtz Alive
Nimtz, a Dutch resistance leader is now under the protection of the Allied soldiers during Market Garden. The Germans are out to get him. They must keep Nimtz alive.
Wild Bill
Meyer's Wrath
Tanks of the 1st Polish Armored Division are out for revenge. Panzer Meyer sends his tanks to deal with them near Falaise
Wild Bill
Midnight Madness
Retreating German soldiers are determined to break through American encirclement near Prum.
Wild Bill
Periers - Roaring Rescue
Sgt Ernst Barkmann is sent in a borrowed Panther tank to break through American front lines to rescue captured and wound German troops.
Wild Bill
Ramelle - Saving Private Ryan
Captain John Miller has two important duties: to hold the Bridge at Ramelle and to keep Private James Ryan alive. He needs your help.
Wild Bill
Releiving the Rangers
Rangers have sneaked across the river and cut in behind German defenses near the Moselle River. Now they themselves are cut off as a relief column of tanks heads in their direction.
Wild Bill
Vossenack: American engineers and German Panzer Grenadiers fight toe to toe in the town of Vossenack for control of the town.
Wild Bill
Revised Scenarios
Revised Scenarios and Ops from the CD
Colin Richardson
Stop the Rain
A commando raid on a Nazi firebase.
Wild Bill
To The Last Man - Lion-sur-Mer
German troops holed up in Lion-sur-Mer near Sword Beach are told to hold to the last man.


Operation Name
Miyamoto Musashi
Through the Woods
A real nail biter! 
Wild Bill
The US 43 Tank Battalion finds itself cut off and under fierce German armored counterattacks.