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Colin's POTD archive!!!
This is the archive of the POTDs that have been featured on my site! The first one is from Madmatt and I'm sure there will be more. ;)

3/1/00 : The building on the extreme left is an alpha build building. It is extremely blurry and the windows and doors are primitive. The building on the extreme right is an early beta build building. The building in the middle is a late beta building which was added a few weeks ago. A MAJOR graphical improvement yes? This is what we mean when we say major graphical improvements have been made. This pic is courtesty of Fionn at CMHQ.

3/1/0:uhh...i don't remember the caption i had

2/11/00:Hey how did you get over here?

2/10/00: Here we see a winter wonderland streaked with tracers!
Notice the color change in the Axis tracers from the standard yellow in the Demo!