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Combat Mission Images!!!

All of these pictures of courtesy of Madmatt and Fionn at the Combat Mission HQ!!! Click on the thumbnail to get the full screen image.  This is my first attempt at posting images so I don't know how well it will go! As always comments are welcome. Click next to go on to my next page!

A Machinegun equipped bunker lies eerily dormant waiting to spring to action on this rainy night.

 A fearsome duet start their macabre dance in the morning fog.

Combat Mission allows multiple levels of fog and time of day settings. Here we see a light morning fog in this hilly little village.

Now thats a poker hand! German royalty with two Kings and an 'Ace' in hand...

A King Tiger pauses for a moment before it moves out into an uncertain future.

Some of the vistas in Combat Mission are simply breathtaking. This map was created automatically by the computer after selecting just a few settings such as Time of Day, Tree Density and Weather Condition.

Combat Mission DOES model King Tigers with different turret types! Here we see a pair equiped with the Henschel Turret design.

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