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In the first table below are links to download both the Combat Mission Beta Demo and the extra scenario for it 'Chance Encounter'. These are definetly worth the download time (Especially the beta demo). Just a reminder these are not based on final code so anything in them could change.

Combat Mission Beta Demo!
see name :)
14.3 MB
Chance Encounter
The third scenario for the beta demo. (Released Seperatly)
12 k

To use these simply swap the three new Sound Effects resources with the originals ones.Remember to keep the original archives in case you don't like these. These are simply amazing!
First archive!
This is the first sound effects archive of CoolColJ's SPR sounds.
3.3 MB
Second Archive!
This is the second sounds effects archive of CoolColJ's SPR sounds.
4.2 MB
Third archive!
This is the third sounds effects archive of CoolColJ's SPR sounds.
4.2 MB

The following are all mods from CoolColJ and SS_Panzerleader. To download these click and hold and choose <Save link as...>. All of CoolColJ's mods have been converted to Mac by Dan Brown. All of CoolColJ''s mods for PC's are available at his website.

The tweaked flags for Combat Mission. Double click on it and then choose the 'Graphics' resource you wish to add theflags too. This is done again by Dan Brown andCoolColJ. You still have to click and hold and choose . SS_Panzerleaders tweaked graphics are a work in progress. The will be updated quite often so check back here for updates. I'm gonna but a version number in the description of the file so you know when something is new.

Backup your original Combat Mission resource files before using!

CoolColJ's Tweaked Textures
If you don't like the textures in the beta demo these are for you! 3.3 MB Mac
CoolColJ's Tweaked Uniforms
These are a lot better looking!This is a ResCompare patch. 136k Mac
CoolColJ's Tweaked Flags For those he like a little more FOW. 88k Mac
CoolColJ's fully tweaked Graphics Resource
This is the tweaked textures with both the tweaked flags and uniform patches applied. 3.3 MB Mac
(Stuffit Expander 5 is required to use these files)

These are PC files. They are a work in progress so until it is final its going to require some knowledge to install. The ZIP consists of several more ZIPs and those are various .bmp files. Replace the numbered .bmp files in the Graphics file with the new .bmp of the same number. If you are not careful you can really mess up the Graphics. If you don't know what to do I suggest you wait until the final version is released and you can just swap Graphics folders. These are made by SS_Panzerleader.

SS_Panzerleaders tweaked houses and rubble graphics. b1
This is a some tweaked houses and rubble. Looks much better. 80k PC
(You'll need WinZip or something like it to unzip these. I still think Stuffit Expander it the best solution. The PC version works as well.)