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Ok so i'm a slacker. Turns were exchanged fast and furiously last night and then i was involved in another fight so i am going to condense all in an easily digestible format. I have continued to stomp colin all over the map. I sent two HTs up the middle: one i snuck in between the two buildings on the left side of the paved road and the other i sent to the two story wooden building closest to the riveer on the right side of the road. I deposited the squads in each in the adjacent buildings. One HT is under heavy fire from his remaining platoon, which is on my left in two wooden buildings. Many of his troops are beginning to surrender. Still no signs of reinforcements. I have brought One Stug up to the stone wall on my far left flank. It is hammering at a MG position in a wooden building. I have a squad in the stone building under his HQ another one in the wooden building to the right of that. and one in the building on the far right flank. I have a Stug on teh diagonal dirt road taking pot shots at the last remaining MG. I suspect that guy won't last long as there is an HT behind him and a fully rested squad there as well. He is either dead or captured this next turn i suspect. The tiger is sitting behind the wallby the wheatfield, and is also shooting at the MG in midtown. I am in excellent shape. I just hope I don't get too cocky like SS_candyeater did and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Peng out.