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I've taken out one of his halftracks finally!!! I think I took out some of the squad inside also but I'm not sure. Two halftracks have come into my town and I'm holding on by my finger nails. They have moved in behind an MMG team and my Battalion HQ. Still four turns until my Hellcats arrive.

I'm trying to get as many units out of the town as possible. I'm using the fords as well as the bridges but I doubt I will get any teams across intact. There is a paniced Rifle team just to the left of the bridge and I expect to lose them by next turn. There are still 8 men in it. It's now or never. If my units that have no chance of making it out in time I have left them there to stay. I'm sure they will stay till the last possible second and then they will break and run out.

Damn he came in fast. Blitzkrieg indeed.