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Not much going on here, just crsushing the life out of poor young Colin. I have made my way accross the field which, two turns ago he so boldly sent a platoon to its doom. The remenants of which are scurrying into the grainfield, where they will soon be exterminated like so many crop pests. He has two machine gunners out and about, one of which is running away, and the other is "safe" in a building. Not for long. This turn will be employed in a little mopping up. next turn I will assault what forces are left in the town proper.

I am sending two HTs on the my right in on the right of the stone wall. The other two right down the road to draw fire and open the way for the Stugs, which will enter town via the dirt road on the left. I am wondering what to do with the captured units in the woods on the left. I tried targeting them but I suppose massacres are not allowed. I do not want to send anyone too far away as I dont want the wretches escaping. What to DO? Also, I forgot to stop a machine gunner from hiding two turns in a row now... c'est le guerre (apologies for mis-spelling). I expect the next three turns I'll have the town locked up and can sit around waiting for a counterattack (ha ha).

Peng Out