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Turn 2

Things are not looking good. He has a lot on troops rushing my position so I'm gonna rush him back. :)  I know it's probably suicidal but if I stay at the wall they'll get iver run for no loss to his men. The only thing I really wanna go is get a shot at some HT's to bottle up that road and scare him a little. Also my .50 cal should get his sights on some HT's this turn. Maybe I can take out one or two.

I might have blown my ambush on the left because my HQ units didn't have LOS to the ambush points. I'm fairly sure I've lost this game. I just don't want to give in completly too soon. It seems he is going to try to take the houses by the wheat field. My 50 cal should have something to say about that as should my .30 that is in the area too. I think he's leaving the Tiger back on the hill because he hasn't moved to support the StuG's or halftracks. I'm gonna hafta run the Hellcats quickly down the road so I don't give the Tiger a good shot at them. Man, I wish I had smoke.