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Turn 1: Colin(Allies) vs.  Mr Peng(Axis)

I can now see that there is one Stug going down my left and at least 3 HT's coming down the center.  There is also one tank of some kind with the HT's.  It is either a Stug or a Tiger but I don't know which.  His infantry are making nice progress.  There are a few shots exchanged between a Rifle team near the wall and some kind or infantry team and then between the same Rifle team and a HT.  No casualties as of yet.

I think I'm going to move my .50 cal to the edge of a building so that it can have a a clear shot at the HT's which are coming down the road.  I am also thinking about calling in some 60mm mortar fire on the halftrack.  I think I'll wait until I can button them up with some MG fire then call in the black rain'.

I'm not completly sure what he's doing but I'm gonna follow some of Fionn's advice and get inside his descision making cycle.  Perhaps a violent barrage of mortar, bazooka and .5 inch MG fire will deter him from going down the main road.  Some heavier arty would really hit the spot but theres nothing I can do about that. I really wish I had some smoke on hand.  That would give me exactly what I need to make this attack a surprise.

On the left side I will move my zooks so they have a nice shot at that dirt road.  I will keep my squads over there hidden until needed (hopefully never).