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Well the you whippersnapper still has some life and some sting in him. He just took out 2 HTs as they tried to scramble accross the road to support the infantry on the left side of town. One Hellcat is down, but not before it damaged the main gun of the Stug that took it out. Near simultaneous shots, way cool. I still think he is doomed, although it may not be quite the cake walk it started out to be. Now that i have the town secured i can basically sit and wait for him to come after me. I have a fully fucntioning Stug between the wall and a two story wood building (on the left side of the paved road and next to dirt/ river road). The tiger is parked behind a wall on the right side of the paved road. The stug with the damaged gun is on the far left, also hull down behind a wall. I plan to withdraw it before it runs into any more trouble. I have my freshest, most rested, and ammo-full infantry units closest to the river and the paved road to stop any immediate threats to cross the bridge. The fords are also covered. I may choose to ake things more interesting by going on the attack...naaaah!
Peng out