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Last Defence as Axis vs. Colin

OK, some background.
I ICQ'd Colin because Capt_Manieri dissed him for no good reason in the Why We Can't Talk thread. I thought I'd shed my reputation as a Complete Bastard for a minute and give Colin a boost about his page and maybe start a PBEM game with someone other than Elvis.  Colin is a big sissy but I thought he might make a worthy opponent anyway.

So, on to setup and turn one. I have set up a bit differently that ususal for me. I have really only played last defense about 6 or 7 times, and only once against someone other than the AI (I hesitate to call Elvis a human opponent). I typically accept the default setup as I figure the BTS guys are one truckload smarter about things like this than me. But then Colin goes and spills the beans that he is a PBEM virgin so I figured i should do something a little off center from the game defaults.

On the left flank I put the 2 Stugs and a platoon of SS motorized on foot.. Then near the road I have a second platoon of SS Motorized on foot. I have the HTs lined up on the road. I am planning on sending them down the road in 2x2 up to just prior to the second bend. The Stugs I plan on moving up to the edge of the trees on the left side. all infantry units on foot will run like hell to the tree line, pretty much straight ahead from their current positions. The Tiger, as I have learned. should just kind of sit back and wait for the hellcats to appear. Seems like its almost a guarantee to kill one Hellcat if you just leave the Tiger in its default position. So I will.

I plan to see if there are any obvious bastards lying around in wait before i move any vehicles beyond the treeline. I am also going to drop a bit of 81mm smoke on the field to see if I can't cover up a bit. I am going to use the 150 for smoke too. But that seems to just drop it willy nilly so I will only allow it to go for one turn. If I can get a bit of cover from the 81 I will move the HTs up pretty quickly. I want to take the first flag (the building by the wheat field and paved road) by turn 4. I also want to take the one on the left by turn 6. I suspect if my smoke drops OK and I get everyone in position by turn 2 I can take my first objective on time. I plan to pounce pretty hard on the first objective. If he has some nasty surprises for me I may be doomed from the start. If all goes well, I will be pciking bits of his brain from my teeth.
Peng out