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Last Defence as Allies vs.  Mr.  Peng

I'm pretty much sticking to the regular setup in this game.  I've moved the .50 cal across the road and have moved the Company HQ and the attached Zook team from the middle to support the infantry on my right side.

As I start giving orders I can see that he has at least one tank going up the middle and one going up my right side.  I've the troops on my right flank to the edge of the wood with Cpl. Matsuoka's Bazooka team closest to the edge.
I've also started the .30 on my far left flank up the left side hopefully to cover that side and to lay down some cover in the killzone in the middle of the road.

As for my plan I think I will stay hidden for a while and set up ambushes with my bazooka's.