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What does PBEM stand for?

Besides what is right and just in8 the world it stands for Play By E-Mail.

How do you start a PBEM game?

When beginning a game at the point where you have the option of "1 player", ‘hot seat" and "email" choose "email". You will then enter a password.Then set your units up a click on "Go". When this is done you will be prompted to name the file. This is the file you will to email your opponent. It is a good idea to change the name of the file before sending in case you have multiple email games being played because every time you finish an email game "turn " a "PBEM.txt" file will be created and if you haven’t changed the name of the file it will be written over.

How do I play an email game that is sent to me?

When you open Combat Mission there is an option to "Join Multiplayer". Click on this and then click on "Load Email". Then find the email file you received and double click on it. Then play your turn,whether it is watching the "movie", plotting or both and click "Go". Then follow the steps outlined above.

How come I don’t get to watch a "movie" AND plot with each email I receive?

What are you some kind of cheater?!?!?!? Hee Hee. The email system was designed to eliminate cheating. When you have received your email "movie" the outcome of that movie was calculated at the conclusion of your opponents turn. They are unable to see how the turn was calculated and therefore unable to alter the results. The way the system is set up no single computer calculates the result of a turn thereby removing all chance of a clever hacker like yourself being able to replay turns until a desired result is achieved. Just accept the fact that some turns you will only watch a "movie", some turns you will only plot and sometimes you will do both.

What if I forget my password?

Then both you and your opponent are beat.

How do I find PBEM players?

Several sites are being set up to allow players to find someone to kick their butt. You can start by posting a request on the Combat Mission discussion board. You will get more action than geisha girl in Alcatraz.

What if I want to surrender a PBEM game?

The proper thing to do is to surrender in the game and send the file to the other player. They may want to look around the battlefield and see what condition you were in, check out how many kills his various troops had or just wander around the battlefield. It is their right after all.

Will I be able to play an operation via PBEM?